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Bad fit

See, you e-mailed me, asking to join. But see i doubt i'd be wanted in this, for i'm the epitome of everything that pisses people off. Another thing is, i like REAL metal and REAL thrash. I'm not into imitator bands such as mudvayne or disturbed or any of that fuck-forsaken garbage. I'm too opinionated, to agressive about it, and most people don't take kindly tom e for these reasons. I AM the outcast of outcasts for this reason as well. Even my friends who were somewhat like me couldn't handle it, so they've turned their backs as well. Thanks for the thought. Sorry if you wasted your time. P.S. On another note, if you like heavy music, try some of these selections from actual metal/thrash bands- Slayer, Iron Maiden, (old) Sepultura
, Motorhead, Venom, Superjoint Ritual, D.R.I., Suffocation, Deicide, Sceptic Death, Carcass, Napalm Death, Bathory, Testament, Storm Troopers of Death(S.O.D.), and the lsit goes on.
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